'The Sound of Protest / The Sound of a better World'

In the panel ‘The Sound of Protest / a better World’ the guests are discussing how music is influenced by today’s politics. Is there something like a new wave of music that tries to become engaged through focussing on current social topics? And if so, how does a ‘sound of activism’ sounds like? Music is responding to current situations and therefore sounds like it’s today. It is thought as the cultural medium that can trigger people’s mind on an emotional level in a large scale. In this sense, it is having a role in holding an impact the way that people are thinking about aspects outside of music, so to say extra-musical ideas or social and political topics. The question is if and how music can be a catalyst for social change today.

Antye Greie is a German multi-disciplinary artist based in Finland, but she’s best known as the electronic musician and poet AGF, whose work has encompassed spoken word and electronics for about two decades. A vocal feminist, as an artist whose work has long dealt with programming, she has naturally moved into realms of digital privacy.

Claire Tolan's SHUSH Choir, presented at this year's 3hd, picks up a thread of much of her work with ASMR, using the therapeutic, relaxing sounds to build new worlds. Tolan often works as a web developer with NGOs that facilitate the use of technology and digital security in human rights work.

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah is a Berlin-based freelance writer, blogger, dj and editor at Missy Magazine. They mainly write about queer feminism, anti-racism, popular culture, subversion in fashion and body politics.

Lotic, aka J'Kerian Morgan is the Berlin-based, Houston-raised producer and DJ known as Lotic whose most recent releases come via Tri Angle Records. Although his music is almost entirely instrumental, as Morgan says, it very much deals with his experiences as a black, gay male.

Lisa Blanning is a writer and editor with a focus on music, art, and culture exploring and engaging in movements of the contemporary electronic music and digital art scenes. She has worked as an editor at The Wire Magazine in London and Electronic Beats in Berlin, and her texts have also appeared in numerous other publications including TAZ and The FADER.

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