'Music Today, Tomorrow's Joys and Horrors' Lecture by Adam Harper

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    Vierte Welt

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    Adam Harper

Musical joy has reached a point of crisis, one that resonates in disturbing ways as a political darkness rises across the West. Musical joys and horrors have coincided, become apparently indistinguishable, in the hypnosis of looming threats and in flashes of intense violence. Maybe it's time to check morality and privilege, to ask whose side who is on and how it feels. Music theorist, critic, author, editor, and Oxford academic, Adam Harper, will take an in-depth look at current underground cultures and examples of its musics, to addressing the issues and questions associated with creative expression in the contemporary era.

What does it mean to dance after Orlando; To tour and collaborate after Brexit; to make or listen to big dumb scary music after Trump; to deconstruct a club culture that is literally being deconstructed?

Entrance fee: 4,00 €