Online Identities, Romantic Adventures

3hd Festival

10pm - 3am
OHM Club
Köpenicker Straße 70
10179 Berlin
Malibu, producer, London/Paris SKY H1, composer, Brussels Oklou, composer, Paris Soda Plains, producer, Berlin YYAA, DJ, Berlin Ziúr, musician, Berlin

The evening of December 3rd at OHM unveils the overlap between the digital and physical through a collision of sonic experiments and live performances in a club drenched euphoria. Four music makers explore a wide range of tones, voices, tempos and genres, dissecting familiar sounds in an unfamiliar atmosphere. From ethereal vibrations, to heavy riddims, to pumping tracks with lush melodies, the event explores a complex palate of woven resonances. Malibu, Oklou, SKY H1, Soda Plains, YYAA and Ziúr are all producers and DJs who are embedding new information into the limits of the western model of music production, transforming fantasy into liberty, spirituality into data. The evening will continue to evaluate the Festival’s overlying theme of “The Labor of Sound in a World of Debt”, as we engage with and observe the approaches of these distinctly unique artists to contemporary prosumption, with OHM as the stage for their amalgamated reverberation.