Opening Concerts: AMET, Fauna, Mya Gomez, Petit Singe, UCC Harlo

The “Craving Sustainability” concert to follow the eponymous panel, which examines the effects of financial scarcity on independent community and marginal representation, has a particularly disruptive flow. Crossing cultural borders and musical styles, artists with ties to Cameroon, Mexico, Vienna, India, Italy, the United States, Germany, integrate their personal interests and experiences in immigration, deportation and social clichés; code-switching, eco-grief and the human relationship to the natural world, in their live performances.

First-generation Chicana producer Mya Gomez integrates her focus on self-help and dream interpretation into her deeply felt NON Worldwide EP release INMATE and a newly introduced vocal addition to her set, while AMET takes former Ghanaian president Kwame Nkrumah’s 1963 speech on African unification as her core inspiration. FAUNA summons the radical potential of art and music by drawing on what Diedrich Diederichsen calls the "Sound of Snowden" and UCC Harlo contemplates a ‘post-post-internet-age’ relationship to nature by bringing together the old and the new of musical influences. Petit Singe, meanwhile, takes her Eastern heritage and Adriatic sensibility to create a new shared language that carries well beyond words.

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