STILL (aka Simone Trabucchi)’s practice is defined by a uniquely nomadic approach, shapeshifting through vernacular worlds of sound and imagery. Previously known as Dracula Lewis, the Milan-based artist and musician follows the unearthing of an overlooked colonial past linking his Italian hometown to Ethiopia and Jamaica. It’s something Trabucchi explored as the Invernomuto duo, which resulted in a series of sculptures, installations and a feature-length experimental documentary called Negus, which featured Lee 'Scratch' Perry and screened at Unsound 2016.

As STILL, Trabucchi develops these research threads, further evolving their sonic and linguistic aspects. Computerized riddims channel a gospel of polyphonic voices, each dealing with and questioning its own past. Six Milan-based Afro-Italian singers voice a complex, overarching past that is both communal and individual. Using the medium of language, the music is layered with meaning, contemplating the historical weight of words.