Lou Drago

Lou Drago is an artist, curator, writer and radio producer working in the field of queer, feminist and gender theories. A founding member of the XenoEntities Network collective in Berlin, they are also a producer of monthly Cashmere Radio show Transience. In an effort toward uniting those who fail to fit a neoliberal, capitalist mould, Drago works with ideas of attempting to engage an increasingly fractured Left.

In being interested in ideas of gender abolitionism within xeno-feminist discourse, they attempt to raise awareness of the oppressive stereotypes that hetero-patriarchal society enforce, while being perpetually frustrated with the futility of binaries and aiming to prove their complexity beyond this reductive approach. Most recently, Drago has been applying their musical and theoretical work to public discourse around club politics, particularly in relation to LGBTQ+ topics.

Image by Mike Dhornt