Vika Kirchenbauer

Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist, writer and music producer based in Berlin. In her work she explores opacity in relation to representation of the ʻotheredʼ and discusses the role of emotions in contemporary art, labour and politics. Her work has been presented in a wide range of contexts including transmediale, ICA Artists’ Film Biennial, Donaufestival Krems, Hebbel Am Ufer Berlin and Ann Arbor Film Festival, among others.

With particular focus on affective subject formation, Kirchenbauer examines the troublesome nature of ‘looking’ and ‘being looked at’ in larger contexts. This includes labour within post-fordism and the experience economy, modern drone warfare and its insistence on unilateral staring, along with the power relationships of psychiatry, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and institutional representation of otherness, as well as the everyday life experience of ambiguously gendered individuals