Qualiatik Qualiatik is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer traversing the barriers between science, psychology, and metaphysics. With visceral, introspective, and often relentless compositions that pull a thread of vulnerability from the subconscious, her music triggers a breakdown of defenses, launching the listener into a dauntless state of self-confrontation. Qualiatik’s work pulls from her background in neuroscience, distilling a primal desperation into a razor-sharp interrogation of the innermost depths of the psyche.

A co-founder of New York-based label and collective Unseelie, she also holds a residency at Rinse FM, and curates a biweekly club night at Brooklyn’s H0L0. Qualiatik’s debut EP, Discarnate, was released in June this year, via her own label, Psychoid Devices. She is also known for her cathartic dynamism live, while her high-energy DJ sets weave between abstract streams of ambience and chest-thumping, noise-fueled electronics.

Switching Codes
with x/o, Debby Friday, Elvin Brandhi, KayaKata, QUALIATIK

Oct. 24 , 9pm
Trauma Bau und Kino
Heidestrasse 50, 10557 Berlin
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Image by Cameron Tidball