Auco is a DJ and affiliate of Berlin's No Shade collective known for their obsessive exploration of their craft. Auco’s signature style combines daring and complex blends with a gritty sound palette. Originally encompassing new gen and deconstructed club tracks, they have since grown to incorporate newly-evolved genres such as gqom and Jersey club, as well as old school jungle, garage and ragga. Protean as ever, Auco’s selection pays tribute to their South London roots, while also activating a nexus between the robust histories and global milieus of underground clubbing culture.

E-Work. Transcending Realities
Catnapp, Yen Tech, bod [包家巷], Hyph11E, umru, Auco,
and film program co-curated by Lou Drago
Oct. 26, 11pm
Trauma Bau und Kino
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