Laboratory for Musical Resistance

3hd Festival is looking for emerging musicians, producers, writers, and authors to take part in the “Laboratory for Musical Resistance” cross-disciplinary workshop. Your role will be to develop a collective work guided by writer and community-organizer Clementine E. Burnley, and composer and artist James K.

Happening at HAU Hebbel am Ufer over three days from October 25 to 27, you'll collaborate with a diverse group of artists and writers to create a new audio-visual piece. It will embody a symbiotic relationship between disciplines, envisioning what a “System.Lure” might sound and look like in 2018. Participants will focus on formulating and expressing their political hopes, desires, and ideas through text and sound.

With the support of two experienced artists, your collective thinking will be translated into a video installation as part of 3hd’s “999” event at the theater on Saturday, October 27. The structure and outcome of the workshop will largely depend on those who apply; it will be a bespoke project led by the combined abilities of all participants.

By creating a ground for thinking together, the “Laboratory for Musical Resistance” workshop aims to facilitate collective experimentation and exchange.

Schedule overview:
Friday, October 14, applications submission deadline
Thursday, October 25, 6–8pm, launch of the group, setting the ground
Friday, October 26, 11–6pm, working session
Saturday, October 27, 11–6pm, working session
Saturday, October 27, 8pm, presentation of the audio-visual piece
Location: Studio 1, HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Application closed

If you have difficulty completing your application online, please contact us to discuss alternative options:

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