'Present Sense' Performances at HAU2

The second of two major performance nights at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, ‘Present Sense’ envisions a number of potential futures by artists of today. Exploring the possibilities of a promised globalism of world markets that never materialised, 3hd presents performers who have harnessed the possibilities of online networks for their own exciting ends.

Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic artist Aïsha Devi will present an A/V experience of her uniquely meditative music production-as-spiritual practice with visuals provided by Paris-, Lausanne- and London-based artist Emile Barret. When it comes to the myth of the self-made online artist, Berlin-based duo Stine Omar and Max Boss of Easter are its reality. Carrying their internet-founded music and video practice into the live realm, the German and Norwegian performers command a sizeable international audience. When it comes to Boss’ strikingly minimal tracks and Omar’s almost fetishistic lyrics, Easter have no one to thank for the success but themselves.

Copenhagen-based HVAD (aka Kid Kishore) incorporates Eastern religious symbols into the push and pull rhythms and vocal samples uncommon to a Western EDM ear in his so-called ‘perker tech’ style. Incorporating breakcore and ghetto with Bollywood, Bhangra and Bass elements, his ‘HANDWORK PANDIT’ YouTube video of the multi-armed artist performing gained the musician, DJ and producer the widespread attention he deserves.

To close, Montreal-based Kara-Lis Coverdale (aka K-LC), will present the last of two performances. The first is a piano concert shown earlier at Vierte Welt, the second is this electronic music presentation. It builds on her work in the space between traditional composition and research-based modernism by exploring the limits of the non-negotiable physical presence of having an audience in a what she calls a “post-instrumental world”.

Box office:
Fee: 15,00 €
Reduced: 10,00 €

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