'Acting under Capital' Performances at HAU2

It is a strange time to live in where political art appears so subsumed by capital, where the institutionalisation of activism and commercialisation of resistance appears to have essentially rendered it meaningless. This is why 3hd have scoured the internet and its vital musical landscape to find art by artists where the subversive spirit lives on.

For the first of two major 3hd performance events at Berlin’s Hebbel am Ufer, framed by Nile Koetting’s post-apocalyptic scene installation, ‘Acting under Capital’ presents four outstanding projects who will experiment with their use of media, as well as ideas of endurance and opposition through mutability, evasion and confrontation.

Finland based producer AGF performs club-inspired work through deconstruction into a reflection on action against the absolutism of government. Producer and performer Inga Copeland continues to defy categorisation with yet another name-change, already releasing two recordings as her newest incarnation, Lolina, where she continues to refuse convention with her evasive public persona, minimalist compositions and brilliantly lyrical vocal arrangements. Berlin-based producer Soda Plains and artist and dancer Negroma come together in their music and performance collaboration with two intentions; artists appearing alongside but independent of each other. And finally, Berlin-based Vika Kirchenbauer’s music production project COOL FOR YOU confronts her audience’s gaze with music that carries on a broader artistic practice concerned with normative modes of representation in relation to the systematic investigation and exploitation of subcultures.

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Fee: 15,00 €
Reduced: 10,00 €

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